4 months old baby

Question: My boy baby sucjs his fingers vigorously..is it normal?

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Question: Hi mam,my baby boy is 2 months 25days old he sucking he is fingers y is sucking his fingers whether is hunger or teething?
Answer: Hi, This signs normal grows of ur son. Always keep his fingers clean. Ur child may suck whenever 1. if he feel hungry, 2. Ur child may feel bored, try to interact with ur baby by playing or talking to him. 3. Or If any problem in the stomach or before peeling or pooping.
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Question: Is it normal for 4 months old baby to suck his fingers all time
Answer: Yes my baby also sucks continuously if he remembers. If not he will be playing by making noise. I give him so you to hold in his hand so that he will not be able to suck. You also try it. 😀
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Question: From last 7days I m seeing that my 3months old baby is sucking her fingers vigorously.... Is there anything wrong?
Answer: Hi... Even my baby did the same. That may he because of teething. I am bit an expert. But i assumed like that
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