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Question: My body temperature is maintaining the same for 3 weeks which raised after ovulation..but negative in pregancy kit..

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Question: Which is the best Ovulation kit?
Answer: I know is the one that I would recommend dear. Tried and tested. Hope it helps.
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Question: How to keep body temperature cool. As my body temperature is too hot even my vagina. And the temperature is same for all 12 months
Answer: Hello dear To better handle all that extra blood, your blood vessels dilate slightly, allowing the blood to come of the surface, which can make you feel hot. You can follow the tips which I used during my pregnancy.  Coconut Water:Drink at least three glasses of coconut water thrice in a week. Coconut water has properties that will help soothe and cool the body, thus reducing the body heat at the time of pregnancy. Fenugreek Seeds:To control the heat in the body at the time of pregnancy, it is important for women to consume fenugreek seed water every morning before breakfast. This home remedy also helps to reduce nausea. Vegetables:It is important for pregnant women to consume healthy vegetables during pregnancy. Vegetables help to provide the foetus with nutrients and proteins, which enables its growth and adds to a better body development. Fruits:Watermelon is the best food that reduces body heat during pregnancy. Watermelon also contains a good amount of water that helps to keep the body hydrated. On the other hand, the natural sugar in watermelon provides pregnant women with the much-needed energy throughout the 9 months.
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Question: My body temperature is maintaining the same for 3 weeks which raised after ovulation..still no periods..negative in pregancy kit
Answer: Only after a month u can know if u r pregnant r not regular period cycle u need to only after 45 days you can comfirm about this.
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