4 months old baby

Question: My bm stopped suddenly.. Only 10-15 drops is produced now and it tastes salty.. Kindly help me to increase bm and what should i do to bring sweetness in my bm

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Question: My bm stopped suddenly and it tastes salty .. Y is so ..
Answer: Hi dear! breast milk doesn't really taste salty I am not sure what is the problem but yes relactation is possible and I would just suggest you few a food items which would help you but other than that it will be better that if you can consult a lactation consultant who will be able to give you cues to increase the milk and you can at the same time try the home remedies, I hope the below things will help you to relactate and pls let the baby latch latch and latch.. Try garlic milk. Take few garlic pieces and boil in milk and have two times a day. This was an advice by my doctor to a fellow Mum and seemed very powerful. Fenugreek tablets twice after every meal. You can try methi leaves, dill , garlic, methi+ajwaine+dried suva water, and eat properly all fruits and greens and lots and lots of water. This all helps to keep up supply. Stressing out also to some extent affects. So be positive and don't stress 😊 Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello, Kindly suggest me few recipes for my 16 months old son but it should be salty in taste as he does not like sweet tastes.
Answer: First of all take moong dal 1 cup and rice now rost the both the things on pan let it be cool and and grind it in the mixer .now take some water in other pan and that made powder add in it and little bit salt in and make it boiled to make little bit tick past and then feed him
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Question: Have stopped feeding my baby at 2nd month.can i start now and what to do increase my bm
Answer: Hi..Yes, u can again start breastfeeding ur baby. Relactation is the name given to the process of rebuilding a milk supply and resuming breastfeeding at some time after breastfeeding has stopped. Take a shatavari granules its avalibale in all ayurvedic medicals take this powder along with one glass of milk ..its increses breast milk..very fastly....and eat fenugreek ...seeds or fenugreek curry ..it also helpful
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