6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My beta hcg blood test count 1326 is it ok?

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Answer: Yes dear, increasing hcg is a healthy sign of pregnancy so just make sure to consult with your gynaecologist and take further test..
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    SONU RAKESH734 days ago


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Question: What is beta hcg blood test?
Answer: Hello dear U can confirm ur pregnancy firstly at home using pregnancy kit. If u found ur test positive, then u can go for beta hcg test which is one time blood test and it confirm ur pregnancy.In pregnancy HCG level increases day by day.. So, if ur beta hcg level is increasing then it shows that u are pregnant.
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Question: About beta hcg blood test?
Answer: Hi dear,hcg test is done to confirm ur pregnancy...as when u r pregnant ur hcg level goes up..n by this test d level is checked..if u have more dan 5 then its a positive result..n more than 25 means that there may be a chance of pregnancy..
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Question: My free beta hcg is 15.60 is it ok
Answer: Hi beta HCG if for 15.6 zero it is too less because a positive pregnancy is considered when the beta HCG is above 25 miu/ml.. Hope this helps!
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