2 months old baby

Question: .My babys birthwt is 2.5 and now 2 mnths only 3.250.my baby is taking formulafeed.i m not having breastmilk.wt is normal? I m afraid of this. But baby is active.no pblm at all.and may I knw the frequency of feed ? And how much ml per feed?

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Answer: We expect a 2 month old baby's weight to be approx 4.4- 7 kgs. Please consult your doctor.Your doctor depending on the baby's age,weight can determine an amount of formula feed that your baby needs to be fed.It is important to feed your baby once every 2-3 hours.
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Question: How Much ml of milk my baby needs at this age per feed
Answer: At 5 months of age baby should drink at least 500- 750 ml of milk daily. If you baby is on breastfeeding the it is not possible to check the amount babies consuming but if you asking about formula ml then every feet baby should drink a 120 to 150 ml of milk and 6 to 8 feeds per day. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 3 month old and only taking 70 ml feed what i do
Answer: Hi! A 3 month old baby if taking 70 ml of feed at ago it is excellent but if the baby 70 ml of milk in 24 hours then it is less . Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is having atleast 400ml of formula milk so much ml water should i feed to my baby?
Answer: Hi dear do not give your baby any water it is not required upto 6 months.
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