5 months old baby

Question: My babyboy is five mnths old.he is active and always engage into playing ..forget hunger.forcefully i hv to feed him.he is 7kg now.birth time 3kg.become thin..due to less eating.plz suggest

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Answer: hi do not worry it is completely normal the weight of the baby is also almost normal there is nothing to worry you should we eat your baby every 2 hours and for 15 to 20 minutes this will help in providing proper nutrition to the baby even if the baby do not feel hungry it is important for you to feed the baby at regular intervals during the day as well as during the night time after the baby complete 6 months you can start with solid food we should also help to increase the weight of the baby if your baby is energetic and playful it is a good and the healthy sign
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    sunita pradhan927 days ago

    Thanks...he nevr want to drink 20mnts now a days as he always want to play..i m worried ...at night sleep mode become sleepy

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