29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby z showing more growth by14 day's and my blood sugar z 92 fasting and one HR post one meal 145 and two hr post meal z 130.m not taking any medicine for sugar till now m 29 week pregnant...can it be curable by diet or have to take medicine for sugar

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Answer: My doctor is prescribed glycomet sr 500 thrice a day for above readings
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    Ok thanku

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Question: During my GTT,the fasting sugar is 98,post one hour is 197 and 2 hour is 202..is it very high?,or can be controlled by healthy diet? Or i have to take medicine?...how this effect the baby?
Answer: Hi, Yes dear you need to get your sugar levels normalized by help of diet regular exercises and if need be on your doctor's recommendation even with help of medication.Gestational diabetes if uncontrolled can lead to excessive birth weight of the baby called as macrosomia.other complications could be pre term birth, pre eclamsia, high bp and even respiratory distress syndrome.There is a high chance of still birth or fetal death too. You have to take control of this condition by avoiding swetened drinks,white bread,rice,honey,potatoes etc and increase the intake of chapati, brown bread, sweet potato, oats, whole grains like millet, beans, peas , legumes, walnuts almonds etc.Include exercise in your routine and get a diet chart by a dietetician prepared specifically for you.
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Question: I had gestional diabetes and was taking insulin. now its 1 month after delivery my sugar levels are 130 (fasting) and 180 after food. Is it normal? I am not taking medicine for sugar after delivery
Answer: Hello! This is not normal and is on the higher side. Please continue with the medicine until further advice from the doctor. Also it takes time to come back to normal after delivery. Take care
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Question: my fasting sugars are 95 n post bf its 115 post lunch 117 n post dinner 145 i m not taking any medicine only diet is that fine
Answer: Hi. Yes seems normal. Usually it should.not be nore than 150 after meals.
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