28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby weight is vry less wt shld i do to make baby strong

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Answer: Drinking hot water is better medicine
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Question: My. Baby vry tin wt i do
Answer: Hello dear.. To increase baby weight,follow these diet tips it might be helpful for you... Include these foods in her diet which will complete her nutritional needs, intake of whole wheat, grains, cereals Feeding your baby in regular intervals, will make her active throughout the day Give her egg daily, it contains lot of proteins,you can give her in any form in which she likes For breakfast you can offer,health mix powder as porridge, it is helpful for weight gain Make a habit of eating nuts, and avoid packed foods, fried items Milk contains calcium,which is helpful for bone growth, so give her twice a day Include good source of fat like butter,ghee,cheese helps in overall health benefits If your child din like fruits, you can give her smoothie with seasonal fruits.
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Question: My amnitonic fluid is less wt shld I do
Answer: Hi dear, less amniotic fluid is quite common problem in pregnancy which you can solve by adding lots of liquid in your regular diet. If it's too low then definitely doctor will also give you meditation which will help to improve your fluid level. Hope it will help.
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Question: Doctor said baby bones are weak wt can I do to make baby bones strong
Answer: you will have to improve your diet to so add calcium rich food in your diet eat curd daily and drink milk daily also you should eat roasted makhana daily. Lentils beans and green vegetables should also be there in your diet.
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