4 months old baby

Question: My baby weight is now5.1 n birth weight is 2.1its OK mow

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Answer: Dear,going by baby's birth weight I feel baby has improved alot...usually on an average babies would weigh around 6 kgs by end of 4 months..but your baby would quickly pick it up.dnt worry..👍
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Question: My baby girl birth weight was 2.6 n now she's 3.5 months n weight 5.1 is it Ok?
Answer: Yes it is very good. But remember to take care that she doesn't put on more weight. Hi slow. Breast milk always play a very important role in increasing baby's weight You have done a good job
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Question: 1 have 6 month old baby .his birth weight is 2.400 kg. How much weight mow did he need
Answer: Hello dear. Ideally babies double the birth weight at 6 months. So if your baby was 2.4 kg at birth then he should be 4.8kgs around. Hope it helps.
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Question: my baby birth weight is 3.5 n now she is 9mnth wish d weight 8 is it ok
Answer: your babys weight is absolutely perfect dont worry. the average weight of the baby at 9 months old baby girl is should be from 6.6 kg to 10.4 kg
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