5 months old baby

Question: My baby weight is 5.57 at 4 months her birth weight was 3.48 is it normal

3 Answers
Answer: Hi dr just calculate birth weight in to double. Then ur baby is traveling in to ideal weight
Answer: She has to double her birth weight at 6 months. And has to tripled it at 12 months
Answer: Yes it's normal only
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Question: My baby is 4 months old her weight is 4750 is it normal? M worried..her birth weight was 2.250
Answer: Hello..Dear First thing you need to do is massage the baby everyday before bathing her, you can use dabur lal tel.. I used it for my daughter as well, it helps in bone strengthening.. Let it rest for about fifteen minutes.. Bathe your child using a mild baby body wash.. Other than this, breast feed your baby in every two hours (include dairy products and dry fruits in your diet) .. Weigh your child again a fifteen days time.. If you see no improvement, then visit a pediatrician and ask him/her to recommend a formula milk for the growth of child...
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Question: My baby is 4 months 21days old..she is 6.7kg..her birth weight was 3.5 kg..is it normal??
Answer: Hi dear don't worry it is normal so you don't need to worry about that feed your baby frequently because babies under 6 months when we feed frequency that helps to increase babies way and also it will increase the immune system of the baby as a feeding mother you should take more healthy and nutritious food that helps your baby to gain good health and energy
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Question: My 4 months old baby is having 5.700 kg of weight. Is it normal? Her birth weight was 3.550kg.
Answer: Hi dear if your baby's growth is normal then by 6 months of age baby should double her birth weight. How present rate is absolutely normal nothing to worry about. Feed your baby properly to gain proper weight. Hope it helps.
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