2 months old baby

Question: My baby weight is 4 kg people are saying he is very week. Give me suggestion

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Answer: What is his birth weight?? I think he is having correct weight.
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    Anil Kumar644 days ago

    His birth weight is 3.320 kg

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Question: My baby weight is 4 kg my breast milk is not enough for my baby...pls give any suggestion to give natural product for my baby...
Answer: Hi dear, if your breastmilk not enough for your baby then you have to opt for fornula feed & you should consult your padeatric about the brand of FM good for your baby. You also should try to increase your breamilk production. Drink atleast 2 glass of milk daily. Keep your self hydrated, feed your baby frquently to increase milk production. Eat vegetables like beetroot, carrot, unripe papaya, garlic may help you and eat spices like methi, saunf & poppyseeds regularly to increase milk fliw. You can also ask your doctor fir supplement to increase flow. Hope this may help you.
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Question: My baby 10 month old. But he have no teeth yet. We are very afraid. Please anyone give me suggestion.
Answer: Hello! Nothing it worry dear. Baby's first tooth can appear any time within 18 months. There is nothing to worry. It happened to my son also, first tooth came at the age of 13 months. Take care
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Question: My baby weight was 2.25 kg now his weight is 4 .9 kg but he is very thin .... For weight increase doc suggested me rapgrow drops
Answer: According to your baby birth weight his weight for 4th month is normal as it should be double at 6months. If he looks thin then it is due to the physical appearance of the parents and if the baby is active, playful and taking proper feeding and sleep then don't worry it's normal and baby is healthy. Rap grow drops consist of vitamin and DHA . you can give it
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