7 months old baby

Question: My baby weighg how munch should be

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Answer: hello dear your baby is 7 months old and in this time babies weight should be 6.7 to 10.2 kg if your baby's weight is in this days it's completely normal. nothing to worry about .
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    Ravalika Laddu688 days ago

    K my baby is 7kg

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Question: How many times and how munch quantity give NESTAM in 6 MONTHS BABY
Answer: Hi It can be given once a day some 2 scoops for 6 months baby as its just starting do start with less quantity...also you can slowly start foods like fruit puries apple boiled and remove skin and smash,smashed banana(remive black seeds and thin skin),boiled and smashed carrots,sweet potatoes can be given.. Please do not try more than one variety a day as babies digestve system is not matuared yet..feed a type of food and wait for a day and observe is there any abnormalities or allergies is there..some babies have allergies with some foods so that you can avoid next time
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Question: My baby weighy at birth was 2.5kg ...now she is 5 days old...how can increse mg baby weighg
Answer: Hi, ready feeding is rheost helpful thing that will help the baby to put on weight,it will help to provide nutrition and also helps to build the immunity of the baby.tou should feed tour baby and remember to have a healthy diet that will help.rhe baby to get proper nutrition.
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Question: How to make him learn to munch the food
Answer: Hi dear this is little difficult to train them but you can start with fruits. Give him a slice of fruit or vegetable ask him to eat when he bites yoh can tell him how to munch later expalin this with food he eats
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