4 months old baby

Question: My baby weighed 5.42g at 2.5 months. Now he is 6.17g. Is there enough wt gain.

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Question: At 2.5 months my baby weighed 5.2 kg. Now at 3.5 months she just weighs 5.7 kg. Whether it is normal
Answer: Babies increase approximately 1 kg per month But if they have cold, cough, vomiting or motions, this increase in weight will be stopped It's normal So please don't worry
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Question: My baby is 10 and half month old .. he weighs 7.450 now.. he weighed 2.5 at time of birth.. is ther any problem in his weight??
Answer: Don't worry about the weight until the baby is healthy and active...and is eating properly...
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Question: My girl weighed 3.1 kg at the time of birth.. At 40 days, she weighed 4.2 kgs.. Is tat normal and is my milk enough for her?
Answer: Hello Yes dear yur baby weight is absolutely fine continue feeding this well to her. Usually the baby should be double if her birth weight till she turns six months old. Every month 500gm to 1kg should be increased so according to her birth weight she is doing great Take care
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Question: Hi my baby weighed 2.7kgs at birth, and at 50th day he weighed 4.25kgs now he's 80 days old how much he should weigh now?
Answer: Hi.. Dear It is ok as of now.. But, if you are worried about your child's weight and remains stagnant. First thing you need to do is massage the baby everyday before bathing her, you can use dabur lal tel.. I used it for my daughter as well, it helps in bone strengthening.. Let it rest for about fifteen minutes.. Bathe your child using a mild baby body wash.. Other than this, breast feed your baby in every two hours (include dairy products and dry fruits in your diet) .. Weigh your child again a fifteen days time.. If you see no improvement, then visit a pediatrician and ask him to recommend a formula milk for the growth of child...
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