8 months old baby

Question: My baby was exclusively on breast feed until 6 months and then introduced to solids. I have to join office in 2 days. He does not accept bottle / cup / spoon, i tried my best though. My office timings will be 9.30 am - 6.30 pm including commutation to & fro. Through out the day, he will be fed solids in my absence by care taker. Im very much concerned about his milk intake. I will only be abke to feed him before and after office. Will that be sufficient ? Also, he is not very keen towards solids as well. He likes fruits, but very fussy for veggies. Have to distract him a lot to be able to feed him. I dont know how will he cope up in my absence. Im very stressed.

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Answer: Dear being mother and leaving baby even for few minutes is very stressful but dear baby is 6 months so he will be fine but make sure to give formula milk in your absence because till 1 years babys main diet should be breast or formula milk. the best thing to do is continue with your regular feeding routine, including offering your baby a bottle at the normal times. She may resist, but don't become frustrated (she'll sense your tension) or give in by nursing her. Sometimes breastfed babies refuse to take a bottle from Mom because they know she has something better. If this seems to be the case, ask your husband or a grandparent to take over bottle feedings until the phase passes (you may have to leave the room, or even the house, for a while during these times). Have your husband or relative offer her the bottle by first letting a few drops of milk fall onto her lips and into her mouth so she recognizes the breast milk. Then stroke her lips with the nipple until she opens her mouth wide, as if to nurse. If she clamps her mouth shut, don't try to force the nipple in between her pursed lips -- this is a battle you are guaranteed to lose.after trying everything, your baby still staunchly refuses to take a bottle from anyone, then don't try to force her. Take the bottle away and offer it again every half-hour until she eats. Babies can be stubborn and she may hold out for an hour or more, but once she gets hungry, she'll take her bottle. If this is hard to do, remind yourself that a healthy baby will not starve herself
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    Ritika Gandhi832 days ago

    Thank you so much dear. I ll certainly try thid way. Thank you for your time.

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Question: Hello mom's. My dd is 7mnths and is on solid as well as bm. I am planning to rejoin office after a month. Working mom's please give suggestions and share your experiences. I am not very keen on starting ff unless necessary. I will be able to feed my baby in the morning before leaving, in the evening and during the night.
Answer: that's a veru good thing that you are feeding your milk to baby. after 7 months usually babies start their solid food. so it is okay if your feeding him your milk thrice a day. Kam se Kam 1 saal tak cow milk is not advisable for kids. Formula milk is the good option till 1 year. Uske baad aap slowly solid food introduce kara sakti hain jaise: 1. Daal ka pani 2.coconut water 3. Dahi 4. Vegetables paste 5. Boiled and mashed fruits 6. Manna ragi for bonnie babies. Ragi is really very good for the kids. readymade cerelac is not very healthy for kids. you should give only when you are somewhere outside and only in case of emergency when you cant cook. in india nestle is a popular brand Hope this helps. :)
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Question: My son is 1 n a half yr old. He doesn't like eating anything. Its lyk forcely i hv to feed him. Sometimes i have to distract him n make him bsy with some toys or anythng n thn i will feed him. I m very tensed regarding it. Day by day he's getting weak. Now he's just 9kg,😞
Answer: Hi,all kids are fussy eaters I would suggest you to feed him small and frequent meals .also give him soup as it us a good appetizGive him Chicken soup Veg soup Food rich in carbs Sweet potatoes Cheese slices Paneer Pulses. Divert his attention and make him eat Let the baby try to watch on his own it's k if he makes a mess This trick helps many times
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Question: I will be joining office next month. By that time my baby will be 5 and half months old. So, i can only brestfeed him after returning from office. What to do in this case? I mean what should we feed him? He has no teeth yet.
Answer: You can give him formula milk until he turns 6 months later you can introduce solid foods like mashed rice, Dal water , khichdi etc.
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