6 months old baby

Question: My baby was a good sleeper. He has now learnt to roll. All of a sudden he does not sleep at night. Swaddle no use anymore. He constantly tries to side sleep but keeps getting stuck or rolling back and wakes up. What can I do ?

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Answer: Hi Let him sleep by ur side and put pillow on other side.whenever he tries to roll over u will be there to resist as does pillow.slowly he will lessen the activity while sleeping
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Question: My 8 month old baby keeps on getting up in night every now and then, she does not sleep continuous at a stretch for 4-5 hrs.
Answer: Hi dear it could be due to growth spurt because during this time babies good fruit good for and for that there is a face called sleep regression wearing babies do not send to sleep at a stretch and keep getting up actually there a lot of physical and mental development happens during this time which makes them a little uncomfortable so it is just a phase that's what I can say you please keep at it and it will be fine soon .. Hope this helps!
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Question: We have moved to a new place a week back, my baby keeps on crying every night 3-4 times whenever he wakes up
Answer: Hlo dear It may b common in babies....but one thing u can try is to massage your baby with oil or whatevr you use for him....but i ll prefer u desi ghee which is best for babies skin..massage him for about half an hour before you sleep ....then see the difference. Thanx
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Question: Hello...my baby is 4month n 5days old...he doesnot sleep at all during day n cries a lot ...at night also he wakes up after every hour....does not take proper feed.....
Answer: May be he is having coluc pain...consult your doc for medicine....i generally give gripe water every day to my baby and if he cries a lot for hour then then u can give colicaid....it can happen if the baby dont poop....consult ur doc if possible
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