11 months old baby

Question: My baby usually hit her head against wall and furnitures.will it causes any damage to brain? Some times she accdentaly falls on back.i am so anxious about this

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Question: My daughter falls down from bed.Hit her head.Is she hav any brain damage?
Answer: If ur baby falls from bed, after she stops weeping..feed her milk..if she drinks it, then u don't have to worry..but if she vomits the milk for few hours..u need to consult the doctor.. Also see if there is any visible injury on the baby..
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Question: hi, my baby fell down from about 1ft height many times and many times she got hit her head.once she fell off from stairs also, so my question is that do frequent falls can damage her brain?????
Answer: Hello. The babies frequently fall from the bed or couch 1 or 2 feet height does not cause any significant injury.even if they fall on hard floor. But if the fall is bad try baby proofing your house, put a pillow or mattress by the bed or couch this helps alot. Napkins can be folded n taped under low tables these few precautions go along way. When they do call have an eye out for concussions if any this fall should be treated with some turmeric powder and water paste over the bump as if has anti inflammatory properties.
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Question: hello mommies...my LO sleeps in d rocker that too after swinging for half or one hr..some times she sleeps on my lap aftr continuos swing on d lap..does this affects her brain or any kind of damage....?
Answer: hello.. dear some babies have habit of swinging while sleeping.. if you dont do that baby will not sleep... no problem dear you can swing slowly not to fast.. but try to make sleep her near you or nay bed area..rocker will not comfortable for babies after falling sleep..also slowly change her habit of sleeping
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