3 months old baby

Question: My baby takes feeds almost every 30 min from the last 2 days . Has anyone else experienced the same. I had stopped supplementing formula feeling happy that my bm supply is finally established. I dont know if its the supply issue.

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Answer: Hi, yes that can also be the reason. During the newborn period, most breastfeeding sessions take 20 to 45 minutes. However, because newborn babies are often sleepy, this length of time may require patience and persistence. Feed on the first side until your baby stops suckling, hands are no longer fisted, and your baby appears sleepy and relaxed. Its 20 - 40 minutes for newborn to 3 months. 15 - 30 minutes for babies 3 months to 6 months. Hope this helps.
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    Mithila Waghray Das832 days ago

    Thanks for your response Priya. I meant feeding at a frequency of every 30 min and about 40 min to 1 hr per feeding

Answer: You should consult your gyn without delay
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Question: hi, my baby doesn't drnk formula milk smtimes .dont no y?..he drinks milk frm me bt I dont have much BM. later he acts like he s more hungry bt he refuses to drnk formula milk. i dont no if its bottle prblm or wht? can smone help me? any mom facing this issue? smtimes he completes whole bottle and same day even though its past 3hrs he only drnks like 40ml..evn at night he does same. whts the prblm?
Answer: hi it is very advisable to you to give or of breast method of decimals is not sufficient you can try to gravity is which you have to increase the breast don't try this you should take dry rose equal quantities of.cumin season fennel seeds and grind them and take half teaspoon of this powder and half teaspoon of ghee and taken after meals 2 to 3 times IT industry help to increase the milk production if the baby is not able like in the formula milk you should consult a Doctor to change the brand this may also help
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Answer: Mild pain in these areas around the abdomen is completely normal due to the expanding uterus,increase gas or other digestion problems like constipations,bloating etc.Since you have severe pain,u should immediately visit your doctor as it could be one of the symptoms of preeclampsia or any complication as such.If u have a bp monitor at home,keep checking your blood pressure regularly and if it is high,visit your doctor without any delay.
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Answer: I didn't had soreness in breast for my two pregnancies... Its normal only
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