3 months old baby

Question: My baby suffering from gas... What I do

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Answer: Hi, please ensure burp is taken by the baby after every feed. please give baby vitazyme 6drops every day one time, it aids in digestion. You may follow youtube for some baby tummy excercises for gas relief.
Answer: Hi.. Dear apply little asafoetida mixed in luke warm water on the tummy of your baby twice or thrice in a day, it will give some comfort to your baby..
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Question: My baby is suffering from gas problm.. what to do
Answer: Hi dear excessive gas can be a sign of colic. Generally a colicky baby will start to show signs btw 2 and 4 weeks old. Colic is defined as 3 or more hours of crying, 3 or more days a week for at least 3 weeks. These babies cry for long periods of time, inconsolably, as if they are in pain. Reflux, gas and food sensitivities can all cause this type of behavior. So to give relief to baby Place your baby face-down on your lap or upright with his tummy against your shoulder, or baby lies face down with his belly resting on your arm. Then gently rub or pat her back as you hold him. Moreover, the touch or the skin-to-skin contact of each other calm and soothes both the baby and the mother.  Burp your baby after every feed. Pat on the back to make the baby burp. Colicky babies respond well to movements. Carrying, rocking and dancing the baby might relax him a bit. always consult your doctor before offering any medication to the baby and before making any changes in the diet of both you and your baby. Colic might be caused because of some allergy, so it is always better to get an expert’s opinion.
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Question: My baby is suffering from Gas what should i do?
Answer: Hi dear Summer season many kids suffer by colic issues...do not worry...just take some castor oil and give a gentle massage around babies belly hole in clockwise motion for 10-15 min and make baby to sleep in flat surface and hold babies foots and slow rotate like peddling cycle it make baby to ease from burping and baby will feel comfortable and get relieve from colic aids
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Question: I am suffering from gas problm. What should i do?
Answer: Hello dear... Gastritis can caused due to acid indigestion in stomach, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Sleep with elevated pillow Have 5-6 small meal Drink more water, buttermilk Avoid oil, spicy, gas related foods
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