8 months old baby

Question: My baby suddenly stopped eating. Even i tried with different food items and also with different conditions but no use. She's having 2 teeth below. Is teething causes this or anything else is making her doing this like any abdomen problem or what i m really worried about her..

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Answer: Hello dear, don't worry...it's a phase. A lot of babies stop eating or become choosy during teething phase...even I had faced this. Give your baby girl a lot of different varieties and textures of food..give her something hard as it will help with teething...like bread toast, boiled or steamed vegetables sticks carrots, beans etc. Try giving curd as it is a little cold and will help your baby with teething 😊
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Question: Hello, My baby girl will be complete 7 month on 29th may, i tried to give her solid food like mashed apple, banana But she didn't eat anything everytime she crying while eating i also tried rice soup, daal ka pani, daliya but again she didn't want to eat anything also i tried bottle feed but she didn't take she only wants mother feed ☹what to do? What else i can give her i am really worried about her
Answer: Dear your baby is just 7 months old. It's just a phase to reject food. Feed breastmilk whenever baby is demanding. Don't worry It's a universal problem dear. Don't worry. . As they grow they loose interest in food because they will more engaged in exploring other things. Just be patient. Keep trying to give variety of food like soups, pancakes, eggs, fruit smoothie or whatever baby likes. Make habbit of eating with everyone. Child don't listen to us they imitate us. Give food in a plate and let child eat by self. You too eat with baby. Baby will surely copy you. Offer finger foods to baby. Give plenty of warm water. Keep breastfeeding your baby.
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Question: My baby is 10 month old and she is not eating anything and her teething phase has started this is because of that or anything else can i give me Liv.52 to increase her appetite
Answer: It's common baby losses appitte during teething because of sollowen gums, pain I'm gums. It's natural. Try to breast feed your baby. You can try giving warm soups which helps in reducing pain .if baby is sitting properly it to give food in plate and you too eat with baby baby will copy you dear encourage self eating. Give fingers food to baby.
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Question: My 15 month baby have stopped eating from last one month... She only eats 1-2bites of everything and then starts throwing that out from mouth. We have tried every different dishes with her but he is doing same for all. We are worried about her health. What should we do in this case
Answer: Its a loss of appetite due to lack of haemoglobin.. kindly check out her hb
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