12 months old baby

Question: My baby suddenly got fever i gVe baby fever medicine... But fever is coming n going.. She has cold to.

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Answer: It's not safe to give your baby self medication please consult a doctor or I should baby is having fever and reason of fever can be different
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Question: My cousin has 20days old girl baby n baby got cold n fever please help us
Answer: Hi! Cold are caused by viruses, climate changes and infections since the baby is only 20 days old, you can try the following to give some relief because mostly no medicine is advised. 1. Use saline water if the nose is stuffed- Saline water is best in stuffed nose it helps loosen the mucus. 2. Give her plenty of Breast milk-Breast milk is everything your baby needs now to take the germ out through pee. 3.You can give steam bath-steam bath also loosens the mucus and gets drained out from nostrils. 4. Elevate the baby upright so that he can breathe easyily and while sleeping make the pillow also a little elevated. *Steam n nasoclear drops. Steam 3-4 times a day - hold him and sit in a steamy bathroom (run a hot shower). Also, holding him upright as much as possible will keep him comfortable. Saline nasal sprays are good too and will help keep nasal passages moist and loosen the mucus. *you can give ajwain sek in a potli too. *Please hold the baby with sanitized hands. *No coughing or smoking in front of baby. *No face touching or kissing, this may agravate the situation. It should be fine within few days but if doesnt pls take the baby to the Paed. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby she is 4 months old .....she got fever suddenly i dnt know wat to do .. pls suggest instant medicine to her...
Answer: Please don't give unprescribed medicine to your babies
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