2 months old baby

Question: My baby stomach always makes sound what may be the reason and how will it stop

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Answer: Burp the baby after every feed, it will stop
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Question: My 2months old baby girl can't sleep for she always makes lots of hand movements and it seems she is uncomfortable..What may be the reason.?
Answer: Hello! It is common in pregnancy, there is nothing to worry. To make her sleep you can lightly swaddle her. But do that only incase she is not trying to flip. Once she tries to flip, stop swaddling. Take care
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Question: My baby makes sound like that of screaming in high pitch..what may be the reason please do suggest.. :(
Answer: As baby grows, they start giving different sounds with various pitch. Each one has its own meaning. It can be for milk or for sleep or for happiness or some thing may hurt your baby.. Try to find out
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Question: Hi my baby is 2months old.. Thick water kind liquid will be leaking in right eyes always... What is the reason for that and how to stop leaking
Answer: Sometimes it happen to some babies.its a normal one.it will stop as it's .if not please consult your doctor.
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