8 months old baby

Question: My baby still didn't sit by her own way

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Answer: hi ,i can understand the anxiousness you would have as a mother .. however babies start to sit up with little support and then independenly as early as month 4 or even as late as month 9 .. there can be variations in these milestones and thats perfectly fine.. some do it early and some late..
Answer: Try to give some training for sitting utleast 5mins daily . First give some support like holding their arms .. he/she needs some help and practice
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Question: Hi my daughter's age1 year old, still he didn't sit his own, didn't stand alone, & her weight is 8.01 now, what I do for her growth & gaining weight
Answer: Hi ma'am don't worry it seems that your daughter's weight is fine according to age.... If baby likes milk try banana shake, Mango shake,chikoo shake, strawberry shake and custard. Try giving mashed Banana it is rich in fiber, and vitamin C. Peaches, peas, sweet potato, vegetable puree, boiled egg, fruit puree, makhana kheer all these are healthy option and contribute in baby's growth. don't worry babies take their own time to do everything..if we force them to do anything they can feel discourage....its not too much time just ..my kid took 14 months... What to you can do to encourage walking is. Massage baby's legs while standing in downwards...everyday for few minutes.. Give baby healthy diet...including calcium and iron... Encourage baby to walk without support... Hope this will help..take care
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Question: When my baby will sit by her own .. now she can sit for few minutes only...
Answer: Hi usually babies start sitting independently between 7 to 10 months of age since your baby is it once old now please don't worry baby would be a soon sitting independently you can just make the baby sit with a little support for now but eventually the posture will improve .. Hope this helps!
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Question: When my baby will sit by her own
Answer: Your baby will probably learn to sit independently between the ages of 4 and 7 months. Your baby will have mastered rolling over and holding his head up. Most babies can sit well for several minutes without support by the time they're 8 months old. Plz mark helpfull...
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