3 months old baby

Question: My baby spits milk even after burping him..he mostly spits when he is playing and sometimes in big amount what should be done in such case ??

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Question: My baby spits even after burping.....sometimes twice ....is it normal.
Answer: hi dear, if your baby spits just after burping then it's very normal almost 90% babies do that. Sometimes babies with the extra milk so try not to overfeed. If your baby is gaining weight properly and is active then don't worry about all this.
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Question: My baby is one and half month old. He spits milk even after burping. What to do
Answer: Nothing to do. It's normal my baby also split milk even after burping. He sometimes vomit too much milk from nose and mouth also. I consult a doctor and dr said not to worry it's normal if he split too much in a day then cause problem
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Question: After burping also sometimes my baby spits up milk..what might be the reason
Answer: Hi dear, see its not a problem at all. Baby digestive system is still developing and little bit vomiting is normal. Many a times during burp baby stomach got pressed n it's because of that sometime baby pukes.. But don't forget to burp after every feed. According to lactation consultant 20 min burp n 20 min feed is needed.
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