1 months old baby

Question: My baby sometimes sleeps alot in daytime and doesn't demand for feed fo 4 to 5 hours even and he is underweight too... When was born he was 1kg 800 gm only and now in 22 days he's just 2kg 300gm.....so should i let him sleep in wet nappies even or wake him up for feeding and nappy changing because whenever i will change the nappy he will surely wake up. I am confused because some says let him to sleep as sleep also helps to gain weight...is it true?? Anyone plz help

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Answer: No.. you should wake him up and feed at least within three hours
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Question: I use cloth nappies for my 1 month old baby. He sleeps during most of the day time. I used to wake him up for nappy change each time he pees. Is it ok to wake him from deep sleep for nappy change?
Answer: I would suggest you to use diaper of any brands at night so that your baby doesn't get disturbed. Because a baby who sleeps well also grows well physically and mentally..
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Question: My baby is sleeping a lot I feel it's abnormal because he is not waking up even for drinking milk wat to do pls anybody suggest me he will just wake up and sleep he is repeating it
Answer: Don't worry .,This is normal .... The baby'll start to be awake slowly with the passage of time...
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Question: My baby boy is 2 weeks old.. he sleeps 5hours straight after a feed.. is it fine to let him sleep and wake up on his own? Should I wake him up every 2 hours to feed him??
Answer: If he's feeding well.. Leave him to sleep.. Else wake him to feed
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