2 months old baby

Question: My baby sleeps for 4-5 hours continuously without waking up at nights. I feed him with formula milk. Does this sleep make his body tired and will it affect his weight gain..? Plz answer

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Question: My baby is 53 days old.. He drinks milk continuously in the morning time without gap.. But cries continuously during night.. Continuously for 3 to 4 hours.. And cries more if I try to feed him my milk.. What could be the reason.. He calmed down for some time when I tried to make him sleep on my legs with his tummy down..
Answer: Hi dear he have colic pain.... You need to give him colic drops like colicade or so daily without missing any dose give him prior to 2 hrs before he starts crying it really helps my daughter had this problem so doctor gave dentinox also u can give bonnisan
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Question: My baby is 2 and half month old... she sleeps more n somties she sleeps 5 hrs continuously in nights n dont drink milk. Is it normal or i need to feed her every 2 hours once by waking her...
Answer: You can feed her during sleep..if she doesn't wake up its ok...as baby knows when they are hungry
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Question: My son 4 months does not sleep during day time.... Night he sleeps without feeding for 8 hrs... Is it normal?? Will less sleep affect his brain development??
Answer: You feed him once in between .Feed frequently in daytime
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