4 months old baby

Question: My baby since past two days was passing watery tools so yesterday I gave her hing and harey and today she is spitting up a lot and not drinking my milk.she is three and half month old what can I do please help

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Answer: Hello dear. First of all please do. Not give any home remedy to baby until they ate 6 month old. And secondly please see the doctor immediately for medication. Thirdly continue breastfeeding as that helps. In recovery. Hope it helps.
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Question: Today since morning my baby is crying a lot when I start her feeding.... Plz help....
Answer: Walk him kangaroo-style. With your baby in a front carrier (facing either in or out, depending on what seems to be his preference) walk him around the house, or, if weather permits, outside.
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Question: My girl baby is one and half months old at the beginning she passes tools three or four times regularly but now two weeks she is not passing regularly .she takes two or three days .is anything problem with my daughter
Answer: Dear sometime breastfeeding baby can skip poop for few days but if the consistency of poop is normal and vaby is active and feeding properly then there is nothing to worry about it.
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Question: My baby is 31 days old.. she is spitting more milk (sometimes as milk and sometimes as curd) even after burping for the past 4 days and for the past 2 days passing stools with sounds and watery.. pls suggest
Answer: Milk spitting is common in babies upto 3 months of age...so not to worry about that it will gradually improve...for watery stool pls consult doctor it maybe cold.. You can give your baby small amount of jayfal with some milk it helps in cold.
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