5 months old baby

Question: My baby's tongue has black spot for few days.What may be the reason?

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Answer: hi this could be due to deficiency of some vitamins it is advisable to consultant doctor and in the meanwhile you should continue to feel your baby
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Question: My baby's tongue tip is slightly congested.. What may be the reason..? I'm worried
Answer: Dear I could not understand the word congested with tongue, I think you want to say that her tongue it little attached to base right , if m right then don't worry because my baby also had tongue like this, many people use to say that it will become difficult for him to speak properly but there was nothing like that, if it is a little bit attached then there is not any problem, but if it is severely attached then you should visit your doctor
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Question: Baby's tongue has black spots... any idea?
Answer: Hi, if you are giving any iron supplements then it is probably due to that only. There is no other reason for black spots.
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Question: My baby rubbing her eyes continuously from 3 days.what may be the reason.
Answer: May be overheat .apply some castor oil to head it will reduce heat as it dry apply again .
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