7 months old baby

Question: My baby's teeth started coming out he is suffering from pain n not drinking milk properly.. His temperature is continuesly 100 or 99 should I give him any medicine of fever or not plzzz help

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Answer: Give medicines for fever Cotton soaked in warm water can use gum area to releave pain
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Question: If fever is below 99 i have to give medicine or not?
Answer: Hi! Dear my Paed always suggested to offer medicine when fever is above 99.5. So if your baby has less than 99 its fine in.my opinion. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is suffering from fever ...what to do..should i give medicine..the temperature is 100'F
Answer: hi yes you should give medication to the baby you should consult to the doctor for medication if the fever goes more than hundred and two you can keep room temperature water Patti's on the forehead of the baby which will help to bring down the temperature
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Question: My baby is suffering fever from yesterday & temperature 99.then i give him calpol suspension then his body's temperature become normal but head is very hot.now what can i do.plz suggest me.
Answer: are you should give monitoring the fever of the baby if they feel baby is getting fever you should give medication in consultation with you doctor if the temperature is normal and still the head is warm then there is nothing to worry
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