8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby's growth is like 5th week and doctor asked to take bed rest for 15 day will it be recover my baby and should i cook the food in these 15 days

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Answer: Hello! If bed rest has been asked by the doctor, then please avoid cooking also. There is no need to take any sort of risk. Don't worry, just try to relax and stay happy. Take care
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Question: Hello doctor, I am 9 weeks pregnant, but my baby's growth is only 6.5 weeks, Doctor has asked me to take complete bed rest, she has asked me to come again after 1 week again for sonography.... Please suggest me any precautions for this 1 week... And what are the chances that the baby will be normal after 1 week....
Answer: hi dear! you should start having a lot of protiens dear. like paneer , tofu , eggs , soya . and aslo some protein powder if you can take , threptin biscuits , also you should have everyday an egg , banana and one fistful of dry fruits dear. it will help the baby to grow dear. dont worry you should also drink milk everyday. this will help. there are chances the baby can grow dear. take care.
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Question: I had c section I rest for 1 month and 15 days and then I works at home like cook and zadoo and bartan saf karna .it will be safe for doing work for my secarian delivery or doing rest?
Answer: Hello.. Dear It takes around three months for the stitches to heal completely.. You can do cooking, but avoid rest of the work for some time more.. Take proper diet and have rest.. Because you need to feed your baby as well.. These activities will make you exhausted..
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Question: What food should i take and avoid in these days?
Answer: Hi take lots of veggies, fruits except papaya n blue berry, lots of sprouts, soups r gud for health n avoid bakery items n processed n fried food n eat in small portions but more than 5-6 times a day.
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