4 months old baby

Question: My baby's cheeks so crack....wht can I do ???

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Answer: Hello dear Moisturise your child's skin daily. If it also does not work then try switching from a lotion to a thicker cream or ointment.You might also want to consider moisturizing twice a day, once after bathing and once during the day.
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    deep dhillon aman801 days ago

    Which cream or lotion is good ??

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Question: so wht can i do its normal
Answer: You need to take right care of your health during your pregnancy to ensure natural delivery. Have a quick look at the pregnancy tips for having natural delivery. Diet: You should pay attention to your diet from the time you are confirmed the news of pregnancy. Stick to nutritious diet and add fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily intake. Focus on the intake of iron and calcium rich food items. Take multivitamins suggested by your doctor regularly. Maintain an active lifestyle and yoga and regular walk while you are pregnant. Consult a yoga guru or join a class that can teach you typical exercises that helps in progressing towards normal delivery. You might feel fatigued and lethargic in the early days, but things will get to normal as you proceed through weeks Increase your water intake and make sure you drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water daily. Check your stress level and try to remain stress free throughout your pregnancy period. Keep yourself happy and contented. This has positive effect on the child and helps you stay healthy. Music can help you stay relaxed and comfortable. Make a birth plan after consulting with your doctor and discuss with her before finalizing it. This will help you have a smooth and hassle free childbirth. Yoga increases flexibility and helps you stay relaxed. It helps you in having normal delivery and that too with minimum pain and discomfort. Make sure the yoga you are performing is safe for you and your baby. Avoid eating sea food in excess. Taking seafood in a limited quantity is good for the development of the brain in the child but excess can result in attacking the nervous system. Ready to eat meat and fast food items are observed to be very dangerous for unborn babies. Stick to healthy eating avoid gaining too much of weight during pregnancy. Your doctor will tell you whether or not your weight gain is normal.
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Question: My baby's cheeks are so red.. what should i do
Answer: If ur babys cheeks are red and hard then apply coconut oil on cheeks and do masssage before every bath it will reduce and dont apply any kajal on cheeks sometimes redness causes due to kajal also
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Question: Napple are crack so what can i do
Answer: Hi%20apply%20coconut%20oil%2C%20%20Massage%20it%20around%20the%20entire%20breast%2C%20up%20into%20the%20arm%20pit.%20this%20will%20help%20to%20get%20some%20relief.%20Take%20care!
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