6 months old baby

Question: My baby s birth weight is 2.95 now it's 6.75 ( 5 months 18 days) is it normal? And what are the normal growth and development?

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Answer: Hello... Dear babies at six month should double their born weight, so it is normal, and six month baby should reach following milestone that includes... Roll from back to stomach Laughs, blabbering lot Sit on his own Trying to crawl
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    Ramya Manimaran685 days ago

    Normal weight no problem. My baby fifth month 7 kg irutha. Six month later iruthu weight half pr 400 gram tha kuda varum

Answer: Hello! The weight is absolutely fine. As per the development the baby should be able to flip over and hold the head properly. Take care
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Question: My baby girl is 2 months and 18 days old and her birth weight is 2.5 kg but now her weight is 4.2kg, is it normal
Answer: Hi! Your baby is doing very good in terms of weight. According to WHO guidelines baby should double the birth weight at 6 months and triple it by 1 yr of his age , your baby has only 800 gms to gain in 2 months which m sure will be done and if baby is active and meeting milestones pls dont worry as healthy baby comes in all sizes.. Good luck!
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Question: My baby is 7 months 18 days old & his birth weight is 3.02 kg and now 7 kg is it is he has normal weight??
Answer: Yes dear it is absolutely fine. Babies double their birth weight by 6 months and triple it by end of an year. So ur baby is doing fine in terms of weight. Hope it helps.
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Question: my baby is 2 months 18 days old.his weight is 5.4 kg.is it normal??his birth weight was 2.7 kg.
Answer: I'm very happy to answer you it is absolutely normal weight
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