5 months old baby

Question: My baby's belly button is very dry and I can see a skin peeling off at the entrance of belly button. Please advice.

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Answer: if you find your baby's belly button to be very dry you can apply coconut oil on his belly button As well as on his head before half an hour or one hour prior to his bathing time . after bath don't apply any powder as he is already dry. you can apply any moisturizer . By 5 months his belly button would have completed fallen off n dried.. you can apply coconut oil . After dry his belly button completely with a clean towel and apply coconut oil or moisturizer as you wish
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Question: My nipples get very itchy and I can see that some skin are peeling off too like a flake... Is this normal? I am 6 months pregnant now
Answer: Hi dear Almost all the women who are pregnant will have this.some areas like nipples, underarms, neck will become dark in colour during pregnancy.This is quite common.It will automatically disappear after delivery .All u have to do is just clean the nipples before feeding ur baby with some some wet cloth .The flakes will go off while vleaning gradually
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Question: How can i cure or prevent the peeling of dry skin from the scalp of my baby?
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Question: On my belly thr is a dark line. Which is crossing my belly button nd going towards upward? Nd my nipple skin is very hard nd peeling off little little. Nd feels irritation after bath??
Answer: It's normal in pregnancy . don't worry use coconut oil on nipple it's helpful.
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