Few days old baby

Question: My baby's HB is 17 grams ????

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Question: My HB is 8 grams....how can i imcrease the level of HB???
Answer: Hi dear, Your Hb is on the lower end. Take care and use medications and have good iron rich food like carrots, beet roots, oats, green leafy vegetables, milk, eggs and meat. Also include citrus fruits as they increase iron absorption. see a doctor and check for you HB levels.
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Question: My baby's weight is 1.970 grams, wot should i do to increase baby's weight.
Answer: I have the same problem at 31 weeks , suggest you to intake plenty of fluids and start eating indian sweets /halwa/paranthe which have desi ghee in them. Argin sachets , lassi , coconut water and milk are a must for you yo gain weight.
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Question: My HB lavel is 10 grams...is it normal??
Answer: It is ok ok. You can ask for supplements from doctor. I used fefol-z tabs for that. Also eat a pomegranate everyday and try to include palak and beets in ur diet. They will improve ur hb naturally. Happy pregnancy :)
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