3 months old baby

Question: My baby refuses to take milk what i can do

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Answer: Put honey on the nipple then feed her
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Question: My baby refuses to have anything other than breast milk.. What can I do?
Answer: Dear you have to do it slowly and start only with a single spoon. And do it before u breastfeed. If u offer food after breastfeed ur baby won't take it. Offer food first and if possible do not breastfeed till ur baby takes that food. And try different things do not stick to just one item. Sometimes babies do not like 1 thing but may love the other food items. Try and understand his taste first. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby refuses to take breast milk. What should I do
Answer: Hi dear,  this is the common issue we face with infant I can suggest you tips, hope it will help.  Keeping feed times positive is important to help your baby keep a positive association with them. This can be hard to do as breast refusal can be very stressful. It’s easy to get quite upset and angry when trying to feed a baby who is refusing. Spending lots of time in skin-to-skin contact with your baby on your bare chest can help to remind your baby that this is a nurturing place to be. This could be on a bed or in a bath etc. Skin-to-skin contact can help your baby to use his instincts to find your breasts on his own. In this way, skin-to-skin contact can take the pressure off both of you. It’s like you’re saying to your baby ‘Well, there is your food, go get it if you want it.’ Similarly, placing your baby in a sling and leaving your bra undone so that his face is near your breast could help
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Question: I hve less breast milk and my baby refuses to take bottle milk ehat to do
Answer: For increasing of ur breast milk drink Meethi dane water in morning after ur brush with empty stomach or eat lactonic granules with milk it will help to increase your breast milk Don't try for bottle it is harmful for the baby
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