10 months old baby

Question: My baby recently have fever and cold. Doctor told us it is a bacterial. And give some antibiotics for 5 days. We usually give him with food like Banana or Cereal etc. After 3rd day baby denied having food, because of medicine flavors. Now he has no fever. So, we stopped the medicine but still he do not want to have food. Can you suggest what needs to be done in this case.

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Question: What food is good for baby during vomiting and diarrhea. My baby is almost 14months now and can't able to take medicine, after he take medicine he always throw out. I know he's hungry, we give food like rice, banana, mashed potato, and others also, and after eating he throw out again. Please help..
Answer: Hello! During this period the baby doesn't have appetite to eat. Hence if you force feed the baby, they will vomit more. So if baby is not ready to take food then please don't force. Instead give him soups which the baby might take, also give curd as it is good for the tummy. Take care
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Question: My 4 months baby.. Suffer from cold and caught since 6 day's.... 3days back got fever 101... We consulted doctor.... He told it's bronchiolitis.... Gave medicine and ask to give nebulisation every 3 hrs... I continued it and now my don't have fever and stuff nose.. Because of mucus she still making wheeze sound...should I continue nebulisation...
Answer: you can give warm water steam to your baby. add a drop of nilgiri oil to it. you can just spread one or two drop of nilgiri oil to the place where your baby sleeps. Try these remedies for cough anee in a pan,add camphor (kapur)in the ghee,warm it till the camphor melts,cool it.Apply it on your baby's chest,back and below feet as well.The second one is mixture of mustard oil with ajwain and garlic.Apply this too to your baby's chest,back.Give ajwain potli compress on baby's chest or give ajwain steam.These are all helpful remedies for getting rid of cold and cough.Also use saline drops for nasal congestion.
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Question: Hi my son 8months old now he is doing loose motion from 5 days full watery greenish sometimes sometimes hard motion I consulted two doctors frst doctor said stomach infection and lactointolerance and he gave some antibiotics but same thing happening so again I consulted the another doctor he told it's normal because he takes feeding and no fever he is active so don't give medicine and all so which through I ll go old suggest me
Answer: Hi , it happens. If baby is active and not having fever that means don't worry mom. Make sure you are giving well cooked and smoothy paste like food to baby . Give 20ml of water after each semi solid food. Include juices.
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