7 months old baby

Question: My baby putting all things in her mouth how like forget that habit

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Answer: Always engage the baby in different activities while trying to put something in mouth.don't kept that items , where the baby reaches
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    Chitti Anabatula684 days ago

    Thank u

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Question: My baby is in habit of putting is hand in mouth... How can I stop him?
Answer: Talk:  Always start by talking to your child about why thumb sucking is a bad habit.  Talking alone doesn’t usually break the habit, but it can help your child decide that he or she wants to quit. Positive motivation to quit is half the battle. Some things to talk about with your child include:   Germs: thumb and finger sucking spreads germs and makes people sick. Teeth: sucking pushes teeth forward and can make you look funny, and you might need braces. Teasing: Other kids will think you are still a baby or might tease. Speech: As long as you suck your thumb it is hard to learn how to speak the right way. You might sound funny.  
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Question: my baby is 54 days old she is putting her hands in her mouth what should I do if putting hands in mouth won't be a habit???
Answer: If your baby begins putting his hand in his mouth, and then you discover that it has gone from his hand to just his thumb or a couple of fingers it means that your baby has found a way a way to help calm himself down. You should be happy about this as it means you may have some more free time on your hands.
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Question: My baby putting his thumb all d time in his mouth. He is 5months today.what does that indicate and how to remove tht habit?
Answer: hi it is a very natural sine most of the babies have the habit of putting the thumb fingers in the mouth so don't worry but however try to put meetings today baby's hand so that the baby will not be comfortable putting the tab in the mouth
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