3 months old baby

Question: My baby poop 3 to 4 days gap only and also facing gastric problem. Is any one faced the same problem pls tell me what i need to reduce his gastric problem

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Answer: Hello dear It is normal if ur baby not lassed poop from last 3-4 days. It is normal with breastfeeding babies. Just check the wet diapers of baby. Breast milk gets easily digest and thers nothing left to poop out. Just mke sure u continue Breastfeeding ur baby at regular intervals is the only remedy. Remedies for regular motion : 1. Give Your Baby “Bicycle Legs” 2. Massage Her Tummy 3. Give Him a Warm Bath.
Answer: Hi dear, Babies often suffer from.gastric and colic issues.pooping frequently is a community issue so donot worry.burp him often,offer hindmilk more than just foremilk.place a warm bottle in baby belly.daily massage baby belly in circular motion. Keep paddling baby legs to release gas.
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Question: My baby is 3 month old he often facing gastric problem due to that he is always crying. He poop 3 to 4 days gap only. Is that normal. How to reduce the gastric problem
Answer: if your baby is getting this problem you can try this this will help you should warm the mustard oil and massage with this on the tummy of the baby this will not only help the baby to get relief from gas but it will also help the baby to get sound sleep you can also make hing paste and apply on the navel of the baby this will help the baby if nothing helps please consult to the doctor for medication
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Question: My baby is 3 months and 7 days old. From last 15 days, he is taking very less milk. His activities are normal. Plzzz suggest.... I'm the only one or someone else is also facing the same situation.
Answer: How do you say your baby takes less milk? Becoz after 3 months babies become good at sucking and can take the milk they need in few minutes. If pee count is 6+ per day and weight gain is good.....need not worry
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Question: I have gas problem and facing difficulty in motion. My baby also facing same problem. Pls sugest some remedy.
Answer: Take Papaya, apple fiber rich food like daliya , green gram dal etc it will help your digestion so does baby's. If allowed take small walk inside house itself. And drink luke warm water.
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