1 months old baby

Question: My baby one month 11 days boy he is not pass urine one day full its any problem plz suggest emargency

2 Answers
Answer: Please consult the pediatrician. If the baby doesn't pass stools then okay but urine you need to check with the doctor.
Answer: Baby is not passing urine its a emergency dear... You must consult to doctor .. plzzz
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Question: This November month my baby passing urine frequently? 3 diapers got full in one day ? Is that cause any problem?
Answer: No dear since winters have started its very normal for babies peeing little more than usual 3 diapers for a 9 month old baby is not too much so dont worry.i used to change my babies diaper in every 4 to5 hours in a day
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Question: Hey plz suggest me my baby boy is of 50 days and he pass urine 10 to 15 time in a day is it ok....
Answer: Perfectly fine the pee count reflect that baby is getting adequate milk anything above 8 count is good.
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Question: My 11 month baby not urine pass at full night why ? This problem is normal or abnormal plz tell me doctor
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Baby won't pass urine when in deep sleep. Nothing to worry about it. If you see any symptoms like baby facing problem to pass urine, crying due to pain then take to doctor. Else nothing to worry. Take care
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