2 months old baby

Question: My baby now he is 2months he suffering fungi infection on his face its spread day by day it's like red worms what cream i can use

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Answer: Hi dear plz don't use any remedy and directly consult dermatologist. If it is spreading. It's always better to go to expert In Skin issue as ur baby is very small
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Question: My baby is having skin infection look like circular red shaped on his face and is increasing ..please suggest.
Answer: Hello mommy Pls take the little one to her pediatrician immediately. No home remedies as it is matter of face. It may spread to other body parts to. Pls take her to pediatrician
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Question: Can i use breast milk for curing rashes on baby face? He has red rashes on his face
Answer: Yes dear If ur baby is having red rashes on his face then u can apply ur own milk on it. It is called milk milieu so don't worry. Squeeze breast milk to the face or put neem leaves on warm water before baby bath
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Question: Hi my baby is 1month old and i see acne on his face. its like small red pimpls allover his face. what to do plz help?
Answer: Even my baby also got those acne during 1stmonth. But now it was gone. Don't apply lotion or powder on his face, apply massage oil on his face while bathing. It will disappear soon
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