8 months old baby

Question: My baby not sit independently yet? What should I do

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Answer: Hello darling, Babies might start sitting as early as 4 months old or as late as 9 months. Don't try to rush it.you should make sure she should be able to hold her neck up, have some balance, and have trunk muscles. Put your baby on her back so you can slowly pull her up by her hands to a sitting position.The best way to learn: enticement. Baby loves looking at herself in mirrors already. Try placing one just a little too high for her to see into; this will encourage her to sit up. Another muscle-strengthening idea: Hold your baby under the arms so she can put her feet on the floor. Baby can't stand alone yet, but holding her in that position helps gain more core strength. Hope this will help
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Question: My baby can't sit independently.. what to do?
Answer: Hai my baby also sat indefinitely after 8months so no problem even they delayed dont worry 🙂
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Question: My baby still not able to sit independently what should I do?
Answer: Hi dear. you should give support to your baby with pillows on three sides and make her sit in the middle of this . start with one or two minute and gradually increase the time . daily practice of this thing will make your baby's sit within few days or a month. and don't worry dear some way achieve their milestone a little late than other everybody have their own pace, so let your baby grow at her pace. there are so many babies out there who start sitting at 8th month . Good luck
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Question: My baby does not sit yet. What should I do?
Answer: Hello Dear It's really normal for babies not to crawl or sit unsupported until they are 9 or 10 months old. A number of my friends have babies right now who are 9 or 10 months old and just starting to sit, and none of them are crawling. Every baby will reach their milestones at different times, and some will be faster in certain areas than others. Your baby is probably concentrating on a different area of her/his development.So please wait for another 2more months.
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