1 months old baby

Question: My baby not doing potty for three days any problems

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Answer: Hllo dear no need to worry abht if ur baby has not pass poop from last 3 days .if baby s on milk whether formula milk or breast milk nd do 1 time poop in 10 day s completely normal nothing 2 worry about. Give bf after 2 2 hours try this remedy ..Sometimes making your baby’s body move will help get his bowels moving, too. Place your baby on his back in front of you. Lift up his legs and move them in a circular motion to mimic the motions of peddling a bicycle. .With your baby on her back, place your hand on her belly button. Using a clockwise motion, massage your baby’s tummy in ever bigger circles. Follow your baby’s cues as to how much pressure to use. If she fusses or cries, you’re pressing too hard.
Answer: There may b a change in ur diet.... Hing kalkaakar usko navel k aaspas lgaao....giv colic aid...
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Question: My baby is not doing potty for two days has he any problems what can I do to solve it?
Answer: Hi dear, Babies at this stage often skip pooping for days.if your baby is exclusively breastfed,then no need to worry at all.as tht can go without pooping for 7 days and be normal.breastmilk,, has not much waste so they might not poop daily.but if baby is formula fed and not pooped for days,then this could b constipation.so please check with doctor for suppositories.
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Question: Hi my baby is two and half months he is not doing potty for three days.. Kindly suggest me
Answer: If he is on breastfeeding then you do not have to worry. Breast milk doesn't contain much of the waste thus it's normal for the baby to not poop for 8-10 days
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Question: My baby is 7mnths not doing potty three days wt can I do.plz suggest me
Answer: Sometimes it happens. My baby was also doing potty after 4-5 days. But it continues for more days consult with doctor.
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