35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby movements are fine and only one time yestwrday it show 90 bpm, is there any problem

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Question: My baby poops only one time at the day, is it okay? R us there any problem of it.
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 1 months old dear if baby s on feed and don't take solid nd completely depend on feed and do poop 10 times in a 1 day or do 1 times in 10 day s completely normal nothing 2 worry about.its normal.so notging to worry abht if ur baby poop once in a day .
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Question: My baby movements are slow but baby heartbeat is normal. So is there any problem
Answer: The baby movement count is important as it early indicates any complication or problem and also signals if there is any intrauterine growth restriction or if your baby is in distress. Do not worry if you start noticing the movements they will be somewhere around 20 movements a day including rotation turning kicking Limb movements air bubble movements butterfly fluttering in your belly and if you feel that fetal movements are getting less which usually will get less in last 4 weeks of the third trimester because the space has already very much reduced as your Placenta and your baby have grown up to a similar extent the baby covers almost your placenta and now so the moment will be less do not worry you can get one manual checkup done with your gyni and you can take one non-stress test wherein your gynaecologist will measure your baby's fetal heart rate and will tell you the optimum movements. You should not worry.
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Question: I dnt have baby moments at night time only day time happend is there any problem tell me any one
Answer: Same thing with me dear. So no worries. Baby is fine dear
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