3 months old baby

Question: My baby more crying some time how

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Answer: Hi dear i understand being a parent is quite a difficult afford and most importantly understanding the reason of baby cry makes us difficult to obercome situation but a little bit observation can help.do check the schedule of ur baby.may be baby is hungry that's why cry. So give a good session of nursing. Do observe the daily feeding pattern. Also may be baby ia crying due to gas. If baby is fed well but still crying then do loose up payjama shorts or diaper whatever baby si wearing and let him lay on back.then do cycle exeecise. It will help in reliving the gas. Also check if baby diaper is not soiled or wet that also irritate ur baby. Do check the sleeping time and make sure to let ur baby sleep as of u delay making ur baby sleep then they get cranky. Also make sure to give one extra layer of cloth to baby as they lime warmth.u can even swaddle ur baby. Also see of any cloth or anything giving him pain.remove diaper, check the fabric of cloth, comfort of bed.
Answer: Hi dear please try to understand the reason of the baby's cry it can be a due to hunger, it can be due to stomach ache it can be due to the attention also there are many reasons like this it will take you some time to understand the reasons of the cry however the common ones are due to hunger or stomach ache, I would suggest you to think the baby to your arm and Swathi lit give your warmth to the baby because baby might cry due to in security as well because it takes time for babies to cope with the outer world and baby is only aware of your touch and your smell so a skin to skin attachment helps to calm a crying baby a lot. Hope this helps!
Answer: Check whether baby is feeling discomfort try changing bed and take baby to walk . It will feel them better . Staying in a single place also makes them little irritating. Dont worry
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Answer: Hi,baby may be crying as the baby is finding difficult to breathe due to nose block You should try and keep a humidifier bun your room so that it keeps the air moist which avouds to create crunchy mucus You should also out saline water nasal drops this will help the baby to breathe It can also be due to gas problems if the digestive system of baby is weak.You should take care if your diet as you should avoid food that can cause gas problems in baby.Apply warm out in baby' tummy and exercise baby' leg as if baby is cycling.You should drink lit if water especially before and after feeding. If nothing helps ,you should consult your Dr
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Answer: Hi dear, congratulations on your baby. As per my experience with both my babies Hunger is one of the most common reasons why the baby will cry , especially if she's a infant. The younger your baby is, the more likely it is that she's hungry. Your baby's stomach is small and can't hold very much.Your baby may not stop crying immediately, but let her keep feeding if she wants to. Hope this will help, don't get too worried with your love and care baby will stop crying. Take care
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Answer: Hello dear Might be ur baby is hungry or ur baby is having gas in his stomach. Following are the tips to deal with ur crying baby: 1. Just hold ur baby and make him lie on ur shoulder 2. Massage her back gently 3. Try to hold baby in different positions 4. Take ur baby outside so that baby can get fresh air 5. Sing in a low voice so that baby can sleep
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