1 months old baby

Question: My baby makes lots of noises and feel uncomfortable during night sleep..it continues for 2-3 hours..i do check his clothes /blankets/ anything wlse to kake him feel comfortable but still noises don't get over...also he has cold and congestion since 15 days

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Answer: It could be because of either of the reasons: 1. He is gassy/colicky because of which he's uncomfortable. Try to burp him and make sure that he isn't constipated. 2. Congestion, as you mentioned, could be the other reason. Put a vaporizer in the room so that it eases his breathing and use nasal drops to treat blocked nose. Hope this helps
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Question:  7 months old and is still not sleeping thru the night,,,,,he is still like an infant waking up every 1 hours to f ed.. i jus gv him BM not fm. Should i start fm..? I have not slept since he was born and I am exhausted! ? Plz help momies wht i do for a continuous sleep for him.. ?
Answer: That means his stomach is not full, just before you put him to bed like half and hour before make him eat nicely.... Give him soft khichdi any sort of porridge and if he is not eating forcefeed... so that he be full, and will sleep for a long time... and put him yo bed at fixed time, dim all the light so that he gets to know its ni ht and i have to sleep... this may help you. Just feed nicely before sleeping.
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Question: Hi, during night time my 3 month baby makes lots of sounds during his sleep and stretch a lot. He generally doesn't do that in the morning. I am not able to understand that he is not comfortable or he is hungry. Anyone else face this? Is it common?
Answer: Hi! Its normal dear, babies stretch a lot, particularly when they are new, Babies stretch to help their muscles and joints to work. At times they stretch to pass wind or poo. You can understand if there is a problem with the stretch, if the baby is happy and content after stretch and if unhappy they will cry after stretch. Hope this helps!
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Question: I think something is wrong with me, it's been just 2 weeks since I gave birth, I still feel weak but I have no appetite, I can't sleep and I don't have the energy to do anything, is this normal?
Answer: Ya this is very normal all mother feel the same....dont worry dear
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