1 months old baby

Question: My baby lips are getting dark day by day. On birth day his lips are very red. How can we get the red lips again

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Answer: Hello, after every feed you should wipe the lips with wet cloth. Doing this will avoid lips becoming dark.
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Question: My skin izzz getting very dark day by day... What is the reason and what can I do to get glow again???
Answer: Skin conditions to happen during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes in your body it is not correct to use any chemicals right now as it will harm your skin it will be fine after you deliver your baby
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Question: My baby is 16days old ..his lips are so dark .how to lighten his lips
Answer: Hello... Dear usually babies lips will change little, after feeding wipe babys lips with soft cloth will be helpful
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Question: My baby lips are dark inner side from birth how can I remove darkness
Answer: Take a soft red cotton cloth. wet the cloth nd rub this wet cloth on baby's lips.
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Question: My baby is 2months old anf his lips are becoming dark wat is thr solution and every day after having his milk i am cleaning his mouth and lips daily can u suggest how to get pink lips
Answer: Hi dear. you are already doing good by cleaning your baby's lips after every feed, just add a bit in your work that clean your baby's lips with light pink or baby pink colour hanky , it will help me baby get pink lips. moreover don't think too much about it as your baby will get its original colour once she will grow up . So don't worry.
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