3 months old baby

Question: My baby latches only for 10 mins on my breast milk... Is it fine? I am worried if he is getting enough milk or not

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Answer: May be due to sore or cracked nipples. Use coconut oil to message it before bath and put steamy towel. It will help
Answer: Get an ultrasound done
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Question: my baby is sleeping more than 3 hrs...and when he wakes up he jus latches for 10-15 mins...I am concerned if it's fine
Answer: For a new born baby, it is necessary that gap between two feeding sessions is not more than 4 hours. So if your baby is feeding within 4 hours and is also gaining weight, there is nothing to worry. However as new born babies aren't able to suck on enough breast milk, so ideally their feeding sessions should last for about 30 to 45 minutes. In case the baby falls asleep during feeding session, try to wake him/her by rubbing his/her ears or tapping the sole of their feet. You should tickle and trouble your baby so as to ensure that the baby feeds properly. Once the baby is 1.5 to 2 months old, they would be able to suck on the required breast milk in 15-20 minutes feeding session, till then ensure that baby feeds regularly.
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Question: Why I am not getting enough breast milk I am getting only little not sufficient for my baby
Answer: . You should drink cummin seed water, soak 1 tsp cummin overnight and boil it next day then drink it while lukewarm, drink it twice a day, continue this routine for 15 days, you will see result within few days. Also add cummin in daily diet. Drink milk twice a day. Eat oats daily .Eat green leafy vegetables, tofu , soya chunks and lots of fresh fruits. Think positive and stay stress free..
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Question: My 6 weeks old baby exclusively on breast feed is having milk only for 5 mins at interval of 2-3 hours..is it normal?? I m worried wether she is getting enough milk or not.. plz suggest
Answer: If baby pee us 6+ and achieving milestones on time and is active..then its fine dear
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