2 months old baby

Question: My baby just fell down from bed..he has no visible injury....wt should I do ...I m feeling so bad..

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Answer: Check for any unusual behaviour regarding visibility , focusing on moving object, whether baby is responding to sound or not, massage the baby and check if any internal injury is there or not..if yes consult doctor ..if not observe for 2-3 days. If every thing seems normal..then there is nothing to worry about
Answer: Relax dear, if baby is not having any discomfort then you should not get worried it happens but you should be more careful. Examine baby for any swelling if no then all must be okay
Answer: Better to consult a doctor ..please..
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Question: My 9 months old baby just fallen down from 2 feet high chair. He got hurt his lips by lower teeth I guess. Other than this no visible injury. Should I visit the doc ? Or what check I should do to check if he has any internal brain injury or not. After an hour of incident he is playing normal.
Answer: Hi dear do make sure to immediately feed ur baby if any mouth hurt. Also check if any bump has come. Then apply cold compress in that area. Do monitor ur baby reaction . If baby feels nauseas aur vomit then consult doctor immediately
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Question: My baby 7month running she fell down from bed from 2meter height nothing injury for here wat to do
Answer: Hello! Please don't worry, it is common in babies to fall down as they are now achieving their milestones. Just look if the baby is active and playing or not. If she is active, playing and having feed properly then nothing to worry. You can put ice pack on the area where it is swollen. Take care
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Question: My baby fell down from bed... His head from back has swelling what should i do??
Answer: Hello! Please do not stress out. Just apply cold water on the area. It will go away after some time. Also keep a watch on the baby. If the baby is drowsy or sleepy or vomiting then immediately take the baby to doctor. But if he is active then nothing to worry . Take care
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