1 months old baby

Question: My baby is vomiting after feeding.. am giving domstal drops also but not controling his vomitings..what can i do now .. how can he gain weight?

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Answer: Hello dear As ur baby is just 1 month old, this time babys stomach is too small and he can have only less milk at a time. Too much milk during feeding can cause ur baby to vomit. So give proper burp after every feeding
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Question: My baby weight not gain when he is born his weight is good now he lose his weight what can I do
Answer: Hi dear , For first few weeks baby looses his weight but later he will start gaining..As ur baby is still 3 months old just keep on feeding breastféeding so that he will gain his weight automatically. .don't worry about weight unless it is too low.
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Question: I am giving breast milk and formula to my baby but his weight is not increasing..what can i do?how i should give him??
Answer: Hi dear, isnt your milk enough for your baby. You should feed your baby 3 times with formula milk n 4 times with breast milk. For baby's wt dont worry. Some baby, gain fast after introduction of solud food. So, dont worry everything will be fine.
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Question: My baby is pre mature baby of 28days.iam not having breast milk,so iam giving lactogen ,my baby vl not burp after feeding. he vl do vomiting, and he vl not increase his weight how to increase his weight
Answer: Try to make him burp multiple times. Not only after feeding entirely. Once consult Ur doctor if u have just recently introduced lactogen.
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