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Question: My baby is very weak. She is 2.3 years old

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Answer: Hey ,I hope baby is otherwise growing daughter used to be quite active despite not eating enough.but I have made sure whatever she era is junk like chocolate,chips etc.dnt worry,baby would grow healthy if you practice this.have patience!
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Question: My baby 2 years old she is very thin
Answer: Hi dear, Baby weight is directly proportional to the healthy times baby looks leaner but weight wise seems fine.every baby has its own pace of a mother you need to keep giving baby,healthy food options,and avoid any sugary food,or refined foods.give plenty of veggies ,fruits,daal,rice,if you are non vegetarian,can even give eggs, chicken soups etc.healthy carbohydrates would help in gaining more weight for your baby.idli,dosa,Dalia,oats are some good options.dairy like milk,curd,paneer ,cheeze ,dry fruits etc would also help in gaining weight.alao.make sure baby is not force fed.remember baby needs to be active rather than obese.healthy weight and overweight needs to be want a healthy weight in your baby ,never try hard to make your child fat...,.,
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Question: My baby is 4 years old and she is not eating properly and she is weak
Answer: Hi dear, Try and introduced different variety of food to the child, include more of vegetables fruits juices n all. buy attractive plates and spoon. most important respect your child's appetite it is not necessary that if you are giving full plate of rice so he is supposed to complete. Make sure to give meals and snacks at the same time everyday. You can use appetite stimulants The most important one is zinc,.You can include zinc rich food in the diet or Zincovit Syrup. Cheese, egg, fish, beans, nuts etc
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Question: My baby is 3 and half years old she has very weak amminity power please suggest something
Answer: To increase ur baby's immunity give your child a diet full of vegetables and fruits as the nutrients contained in them will help to boost his immune system.Give him a lot of yogurt.
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