1 months old baby

Question: My baby is under weight 2.3kg. 15 days old baby. How can i increase weight of baby

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Answer: Is your baby has kept in NICU after birth... And are you breastfeeding or not??? If not Once consult your doctor... Don't be late immediately ask your pediatrician
Answer: doctor will advice to take syrups of calcium nd vitamins u hve to tke it
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Question: My baby is under weight. How to increase weight. Also can I take milk. My baby is 22 days old
Answer: Hi! Please keep feeding thr is no other way to increase the weight of a 22 days old baby. Yes you can have milk. Good luck!
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Question: How can i increase my baby girl weight... She is under weight... She is 20 days old
Answer: Don't worry usually my newborn babies a losing weight after bike and after 2 weeks baby start to gain the weight so you will need to feed a baby from one breast until it's MP because that made that contains fat and help in increasing baby weight comes after sometime of breastfeeding.
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Question: My baby is preterm and her weight is 2.48kg .. now she is 17days old.. her weight is 2.3kg. how can I increase my baby weight?
Answer: Just try to feed you baby at interval of 2 hours only yur breast milk can increased weight nothing else and you try to take some nutritious food which r helpful in gaining wee so you keep your diet probably drink more water liquids then you'll be able to increase weight
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